People say becoming pregnant is an emotional rollercoaster. 

I disagree.

Rollercoasters are predictable. You see the path you will take before you even have to decide if you want to get on or not. You can count there will be 5 ups 5 downs and a loop before we all safely emerge at the other side having been through the exact pattern of thrill, nervousness and adrenaline fueled high we knew we would.

Pregnancy is NOT an emotional rollercoaster. It’s like an emotional……tornado.

The path of a tornado is not set….it’s heading one way. Everyone prepares for that, then it last minute changes direction and heads somewhere totally unexpected! New plans have to be made until it changes course again. Plans can be made based on size…Then it gathers momentum and gets even bigger or dwindles away to nothing unexpectedly.

When you fall pregnant you have no idea what the hell is going to happen. You cannot even begin to imagine what is going to happen. You can’t use previous journeys or other people’s account to plan anything. No 2 pregnancies are ever the same. This is because no 2 expectant mothers are the same and no 2 babies are ever the same. Therefore there are infinite numbers of combinations between mum to be and baby that can cause any given number of ups downs and loop that no-one can predict. 

So far today I’ve been sore, had a warm bath and took paracetamol then worried if taking them was a good idea, was my bath too hot. Felt sick because I keep trying to cut down my ondansetron (which I take for hyperemesis) and worry again about taking drugs of any kind. Felt so hungry I had 2 bowls of cereal for breakfast. Then felt fat because I shouldn’t eat that much and still worry my inner fatty will escape and sabotage my weight loss (even though I’m not on a diet). Watched TV to chill….cried at things that aren’t even sad. Got angry at the workies outside for the noise. Craved shortbread so much I actually just made some (it was good!!). Regretted eating tomato soup because I now have horrendous heartburn. Cried because I have heartburn. Put the heating on as it’s cold….Then off as it’s warm…..on as it’s cold….off as it’s warm….

And it’s only 2pm!

18 more weeks of unpredictable days. It’s not a rollercoaster. I have no idea what tomorrow will be like. Some days are so uneventful it’s like I’m not even pregnant (except for the belly….it’s a giveaway) others like today are all over the bloody place! I maintain younger siblings should count their blessings that some women are crazy enough to do this more than once!!

The only guarantee is you are in for one hell of a ride (in a fashion) and the hopeful end destination is a healthy happy baby in your arms….Then a while new journey begins.

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