20 week scan…

8 weeks have passed since my last post was written.

I’ve taken some time to just focus on feeling better and coming to terms with the fact that I am growing a human. That’s terrifying. There is a little person inside me right now. Wow.

So run down of what’s been going on….

Week 13 – I’ve now started noticing my belly getting bigger. I have a lot of feelings about this. Not all of them are positive (but that’s a while story of its own!!). We went to a music thing. It was a standing only event however due to my ‘circumstances’ I was given a chair! We also went to the zoo for their Christmas light event. It was wonderful. My medication for the hyperemesis was working well, I was feeling good!

Week 14 – nothing exciting happened. Still feel sick. Annoyed. Everyone said the sickness would be gone. It’s not. I’m having to take medication and I’m not happy about it. Bigger picture though I’m being sick much less frequently.

Week 15 – I’ve had to relent and buy maternity jeans. I’m still a size 14. I take solice in this. I’ve not gained weight as such it’s only My belly and boobs getting bigger. Maternity jeans are awesome. My favourite thing right now!!! They are so comfy and it’s nice to wear something other than leggings!!

Week 16 – next midwife appointment. All appears to be going well!! I’m still taking medication but I’ve not been sick in a week!! That’s a very big achievement in my eyes. I’m also down from 3 ondansitron per day to 2. Another achievement. We also got to hear baby’s heartbeat. That was a relief. I’ve basically worried myself since the 12 week scan that something was wrong. Hearing that little galloping horse was the best sound ever.

Week 17 – again nothing exciting going on. Days out with family and friends. Alcohol free cocktails just to feel included haha!! Still no sickness. Result.

Week 18 – it’s Christmas!!! Also this week I started to feel odd feelings in my tummy….I said to Steven at one point I can either feel Flash or I’m going t o pass wind (yes I was that classy in my wording choice). After a few days of this I realised these little glitters were baby movements!!!!!!

Week 19 – after bragging 4 weeks of no vomiting….I was sick a LOT this week. New year’s night I was really ill. None of my dinner stayed down. The end of the week i had to leave work early as despite my medication I was being sick all afternoon! Not good. Big plus this Week we went and bought our nursery furniture!!!! It gets delivered on the 3rd of May. We also went shopping and tried out the travel system i want. Made sure it was suitable for my 5ft3 frame and his 6ft3 frame!! It was! Now we just need to decide on colour before buying it!

Terrifying. Exciting. It’s getting real now!!!

Week 20 – sickness has died down again. Hurrah! I’ve started to get some hip and lower back pain. sleeping is uncomfortable most nights. I wake up sore most mornings. My 20 week Scan is this week. I will be 20+5 again I’m terrified.

I’ve had so many milestones where I’ve assured myself – after X I will be able to relax. Once I get a positive result I’ll relax….what if it doesn’t survive and there’s no heartbeat. 7 week scan….Then i worried about the 12 week scan. 12 week scan….Then I worried about there being no heartbeat at the midwife. 16 week appointment….Then I worried something would be found at the 20 week scan.

So at the 20 week scan we went in. The sonographer advised she would be silent for a lot of the appointment as she had a lot of pictures and measurements to take. She also asked if there was anything we would like to find out. We said other than is the baby healthy, no thanks. This was much to many peoples disappointment but we decided we haven’t had any element of surprise in this whole process so we are definitely not finding out gender!!

Silence…..I can see and feel lots of wriggling about. The only part of the anatomy i was confident I was seeing (other than head\spine) was the heart. 4 chambers pumping away nicely. But what if something was wrong. I’m not trained to read ultrasound images. She spent a very long time on the heart. Then worked her way down via lungs stomach kidneys and bladder. All normal and looking good we were assured following that awful silence. Baby’s head is measuring as expected at this stage. All organs look normal and like they are functioning well. Spine has no abnormalities, brain appears evenly formed either side of the midline. Sigh of relief is a massive understatement.

Baby Cole appears to be a super chill baby. Lying back with legs crossed at the ankle and arms behind their hear. Yawning and practicing sucking. Occasionally having a wee punch or kick.

I relaxed. It’s been 4 days and I’m still relaxed. For now. I’ve resigned myself to the fact that for the rest of my life i will never fully relax again!

I’m ok with that so long as my little human is doing away fine.

One thought on “20 week scan…

  1. “I’ve designed myself to the fact that for the rest of my life i will never fully relax again!”

    Ain’t it the truth!! My goodness. I never realized that having a baby equaled a lifetime of worry, but it totally does. 😊

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