The dreaded 2ww

The 2 week wait

I tried to break this into small stages. First was the 3 day wait (so until 3dp3dt (3 days past a 3 day transfer)) to check and see if any of our blastocysts had been frozen.

I called EFREC on Thursday 6th September. Asked if any had be able to be frozen. They said 4 had successfully frozen!!!!! So all in all at this point I’d had 18 follicles -> 12 eggs -> 8 embryos -> 1 on board and 4 frosties. Frozen embryos are graded. Ours were graded 4AA 3AA 4AB and 3AB …. this doesn’t make a huge amount of sense if you don’t know how the grading works. So here’s a handy chart…

We were happy with that. 4AA is essentially the “perfect blastocyst” the others were all near perfect. Any frozen was a bonus. We had 4!! Then I just had to get through the next 7 days. I only had to get to the 14th September. That would be 11dp3dt and my official test day with EFREC. I’d go in get bloods taken and that would confirm one way or the other.

I wasn’t a “symptom spotter” in that I was looking for pregnancy symptoms. I knew that if I was pregnant it would be after a positive test before I felt anything. However, I didn’t feel good. I was still mildly sore from my big swollen ovaries, my boobs ached from the progesterone and to top it all off I injured myself picking up a folder at work (ended up with back\ovary pain). Not fun times. All this and I was only 4dp3dt.

I was also tired aaalllllll the time. I was a delight to be around. By 8pm most nights I was struggling to stay awake. I wanted naps in the middle of the day. I just needed sleep! I cried….a lot. By 6dp3dt I just randomly burst in to hysterical tears! These progesterone pesseries are playing havoc with me.

Amongst all the do’s and don’ts there are flying around there were a few I took seriously as they were evidence based.

1. I cut out as much caffeine as I could. This meant no fizzy drinks, decaf tea, reduced milk/dark chocolate

2. I cut out alcohol (not that I was a big drinker) – this one was easy.

3. Medication review!!! No ibuprofen or other NSAIDs, no laxatives at all except fybogel as others contain high salt and also cause contractions. (I didn’t think I’d need to worry about laxatives but those progesterone pesseries are a fucker).

That was it. I made a deal with my other half that if I was ever to become pregnant (I was currently pupo – pregnant until proven otherwise) I would also cut out artificial sweeteners. He has a hatred for them and I agreed I wouldn’t afflict our unborn child with it.

Things I ignored included baths. It is rumoured online having a bath in the 2ww is a massive nono. I thought about it. Researched it and came to the conclusion as long as a bath doesn’t raise my body temperature and I’m not in it too long it’s all good. So got myself a rubber duck thermometer for the bath.

My bloods were taken on Friday morning at 8am. As if the wait to get to this point wasn’t agonising enough I had to wait til after 12 to call for the results. I couldn’t bring myself to call. My other half had the honours of that one. A little backwards but it was him who told me we were pregnant (standing in the middle of Tesco!!).

Officially today 14th September we were 4 weeks pregnant. Our estimated due date was 23rd May 2019…my wee dad’s birthday 🙂

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