Embryo Transfer


Monday 3rd September. 9.30am. I’m on office days at work following my surgery. I get a phone call from EFREC. My embryo transfer is scheduled for 12.15 today.

I asked how many of the 8 survived. She told me they don’t discuss that over the phone. They will say once I get there.

I was shaking. Why wouldn’t they tell me? Was it a poor response? It must be. They would wait for a day 5 transfer if all was ok. They only done day 3 if something was wrong. (This is not fact this is what I had convinced myself!) I was ready to cry. Called my other half and he arranged to pick me up at work at 11am to allow plenty of time to get there.

He was as apprehensive as I was. We were in silence most of the journey. Got to the hospital and just sat in silence. I was trying to focus on the positive that there was at least 1 still going.

For the transfer I had to have a full bladder. So I was sitting, in theatre bursting for a pee while the embyologist explained what was going on with our little embryos.


The gist of what was going on was all 8 embryos are surviving. They went for day 3 transfer as there was 1 clear front runner. It had divided into 8 cells already and they graded it top quality (7 out of 8 – apparently they rarely give out 8 out of 8)

So all went smoothly with the transfer and I now had our wee front runner on board!

I’ve to call back Thursday afternoon to see if any of the remaining 7 are good enough for freezing. She said 2 or 3 are looking promising so it became a fingers crossed situation.

All in all the procedure was very straight forward. You need a full bladder which isn’t the most comfortable though.
We went in, the embyologist came and explained where we were at with the embryos. Then went away to get set up.
I laid back on a bed legs in stirrups (you get to a point where you don’t even care who sees your bits) It’s like having a smear done.
Speculum goes in, they clean the cervix, then they insert a guide catheter. They make sure they are in the right spot using an ultrasound probe on your stomach. Once that’s in the right place they bring in the embryo in a special catheter and insert that through the guide one.
Once they confirm they are in the uterus they inject it in with some fluid. This makes a wee flash on the monitor (the nurse described it as a wee shooting star) then the embryologist takes the catheter away to make sure embryo is out and once that’s confirmed everything gets taken out and you get to finally go pee!
All in all about 10 minutes and you’re done.
Your other half gets to come in and get to wear scrubs…as you can see mine was chuffed with this.


That little flash that’s been circled it our little front runner. (Side note the big black bit is my very overfull bladder!)

It was just a waiting game now. Back in a few weeks for a blood pregnancy test to see if it had worked or not.

So I came home put up my feet and watched Moana – can you get any more feel good??

Now we wait to see if Flash (My sister named it that due to the above story 😂) had survived….

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