Egg Retrieval

5.30am up we get to head to the hospital. I’ve fasted from midnight and am allowed maximum 500ml water before 7am. My bags packed with pyjamas and slippers. I’m dressed in leggings and a baggy jumper (anything to try and keep my bloated belly comfy)

We had to be at the hospital for 8am. We live 30+ miles from the hospital. If we didn’t leave early and get there suuuper early we would risk being late. So we left our house at 6.10am and got to EFREC at 7.20am went along to the wee cafe and my other half got a tea while I sat with nothing …

At 8am we went along to the unit. Sat in the waiting area for a bit then got taken through to recovery. We would spend the day here (other than when I was in theatre) so we got comfy. Me on my wee trolley bed. My OH on his chair.

The nurses came in had a chat, picked my lunch, got all my admission stuff done told me to get comfy. I was last in to theatre at 11.30am. The wait began….

I tried napping. I played about on my phone. I paced my wee area. We chatted. I wandered about. It felt like I was there FOREVER.

Then all of a sudden the anaesthetist came in. She chatted me through the plan. Then the doctor came in said what she was going to do. Then the nurse came in told me I had to go pee then strip from the waist and get on my trolley to go through.

The rest was a blur. In the theatre I had 2 nurses confirming all my details with me, another putting wires and monitors all over me and someone putting a cannula in my hand and rhyming off the drugs they were going to be giving. Then I woke up and was trying to give my other half my oxygen mask 🙈 I have very fuzzy memories for the next hour or so.

Someone came in when I was still pretty out of it. The said we got 12 eggs then left. I had to confirm this fact with my other half later on when I was a bit more with it!!

All seemed to be going well. A doctor even commented “did you even have an op” as I was doing so well. Then, when I was told all I needed to do was pee then I could go nausea hit, I was cold, clammy, drenched in sweat and my blood pressure was in my boots! I felt awful. I had to be monitored for an extra hour. Was given an anti-emetic injection in my tooshie and by 3.30pm was good to go home!!!

I was told I’d get a phone call Saturday between 11-1 to let me know how many eggs had fertilised. I just wanted home.

Got home. Had some food. Was in bed by 8pm and slept right through (with the exception of a few toilet trips) til 8.30am on Saturday!! Now the wait began. I was OK but my other half was pacing, doing all the housework and generally on edge. There was after all a 5% chance they could call and say sorry 0 fertilised.

I was still super uncomfortable. Paracetamol took the edge off. I paced as much as I could. 12.15pm my phone rings. I ‘run’ (read move as quick as I can) upstairs to my other half and put the phone on speaker. Chat went something like this

“Hi can I speak to Debbie?” ‘Speaking’ “Hi Debbie I’m calling from EFREC can you confirm your D.O.B for me” ‘yes it’s xx.xx.xxxx’ “thanks. Now you had 12 eggs collected yesterday, I’m pleased to tell you 8 have successfully fertilised” … I cried she asked if I was OK pain wise etc. I said thank you A LOT and she said I would get a call Monday to let me know how many of my little embryos were surviving. Also to let me know if I was going for a Day 3 or Day 5 transfer.

I was relieved. I was scared. I was sore. But mostly just relieved we had a shot.

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