The first injection (and 2nd 3rd 4th etc.)

Sunday 19th August

6am my alarm goes off. Up I get. Apprehensive. Ready to give my first injection.

My plan meant giving myself bemfola 150iu each morning for the first 3 days. The injection has to be given at the same time each day. Since I was working it made sense to do it before work at 6am. These didn’t hurt. Score! Minimal bruising. Yay! Minimal side effects (just extreme fatigue) again I thought I’d take that as a win.

The next step was to begin on Day 4. Wednesday 22nd August I continue with my bemfola 150iu but had to add in Cetrotide 0.25mg daily as well. So on Wednesday I got up a bit earlier and gave myself the cetrotide, my other half had taken on the task of giving me the daily bemfola. This injection was awful. It nipped going in. It caused slight localised irritation and pain. I cried. I questioned if I was going to be able to do this. Then I went to work.

Same again on Thursday. No crying this time. I just thought of the (hopeful) end result. Friday came and I was to take the cetrotide only. I had to go to EFREC again for yet another internal ultrasound and a blood test. After this the doctors would decide if I was to continue on the 150iu bemfola or increase\decrease the dose. Ultrasound revealed I was responding well. 8 follicles growing on the right ovary and 6 on the left. They averaged between 7-11mm. I was to continue on my current dosage and go back again the following Monday for the same again.

Injections continues over the weekend. Back to EFREC on Monday another internal ultrasound (i don’t even care about the amount of strangers who have seen my bits these days!) Scan complete. Follicles are continuing to grow 1x 19mm 3x 17mm 2x 15mm and a few 12\13s.

Now began the debate. Do we do egg retrieval on Wednesday or Friday? Generally EFREC only do egg retrieval when there are at least 3 follicles over 18mm. However the worry was my risk of over stimulation!

Blood results came in, I was to go for another scan Wednesday then trigger injection Wednesday night and egg collection Friday 31st August.

I met up with my amazing CWP on the Monday as well and we agreed I’d done all I could on the diet at this point. I would stop CWP for the time being and go back to it either if this IVF cycle was unsuccessful or in a year’s time after I’d had a baby….

Scan on Wednesday was all good. Some of the follicles were 20mm+! No wonder I felt huge!!!! The bloat was real! Anyways final bemfola and cetrotide injections were this morning!!!! Now I need to ensure I’m up to give my trigger injection just after midnight (it needs to be 35hours pre-collection) as my eggs were being collected at 11.30 on Friday!

Thursday 30th August…..I feel rotten. I’m bloated. I feel sick. I feel nervous about the egg retrieval tomorrow. People at work can see somethings not quite right. I want to cry. I feel bad lying to them and saying it’s all good. Eventually I was sitting on the verge of tears and one of them said…can you not just go home. I tried to argue my reasons for staying but realised myself I was as much use as a man short today!

Home I went and relaxed as much as I could on the couch to prepare for the next day. Egg retrieval…

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