And So It Begins

Thursday 16th August. My cycle was due to start today if my calculations are correct.

It didnt! I got worried and irritable. How could I start treatment if my bloody period didnt come on time!

Friday 17th August. Crap morning at work. Very irritable me. Period a Day late. BFN on a pregnancy test. I was in a mood.

I was crabby at work. Everyone was getting snapped at. I went to the toilet and came back to this on my desk…my workies are the best! Fact!

I wanted to cry.

Lunch time….tally ho here we go! Phoned EFREC. Told her i need to be seen in the next 48 hours as I’d already had mock transfer etc. I just needed started on my injections. Ok she said. I’ll go make enquiries and call you back asap.

Nearly 2hours later I Get a call back. She said so…we normally need to see you in the first 5 days so we can do a mock transf….NO. I told you I’ve had all of that I NEED to be seen today or tomorrow to get my stims started. Oh! (She sounded taken aback by this information despite it now being the second time if told her) I’ll need to go speak to the doctor…………………long wait……..she came back and said ok can you be here before 4pm?

Now began my rush to the RIE! I got there about 3.20pm. Sitting in the waiting area dreading my internal ultrasound. The nurse came and got me, we went through to a room, confirmed what medication I was to take and when. We also got a demo of how to administer the injections. I was then sent on my way to start the injections on the Sunday 19th August.

Hurrah!! No ultrasound. I dodged a bullet.

At the machine to pay for parking and the nurse comes running out shouting me back. Alas I was not meant to leave unscanned. Back in. Ultrasound done. All looking good with the exception of a small cyst on the left ovary. Nothing to worry about.

That was it. Home we went. With our wee stash of drugs, ready to officially start our IVF journey.

The next day and a half dragged in a bit. I’ve never wished so much of my life away before!! The last 2 months has felt like 2 years. A day and a half to go then we finally begin. I’ve been assured it will all go by in a flash from here on in….We shall see!

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