So as part of my IVF journey I have decided to try acupuncture.

I’ve done a fair bit of research into it and also various clinics that offer it. I thought it was straight forward. Acupuncture is acupuncture regardless of your reasons for having it done.


People specialise in areas. Pain. Stress and anxiety. Fertility…

So after some more research I found a place in Edinburgh. The Albany Street Clinic. Their therapists have years of experience and specialise in fertility/IVF support. Something about the website and the blurbs about everyone put me at ease and I don’t know why but I trusted them to be the ones to help me with this leg of my journey.

A few emails back and forth and I was booked in for my initial session on Tuesday 7th August at 4pm.

My thinking going in to this was fairly positive, after all, it couldn’t make it any worse right??

I was on Annual leave. We decided to make a Day of it! Into town, wander around since the festival was on. See some street performers. We went and had lunch at a wee place called “Korean BBQ”

It. Was. Awesome!!! The service was good and the food delicious.

For the acupuncture session, as it was my first one, we started off with some paperwork.

How long have you been “trying” ? Do you have an official diagnosis? Diet? Medication? Recreational drugs? General health? Mental health? Long or short protocol?

Once we got Q&A out of the way I was advised I would get an email the next day detailing when treatments were recommended and what the aim at each stage was. I was advised to ignore the first part as I was not going through the Down reg phase.

Then we started with my first treatment. this was essentially a taster session. The main objective was to relax my body and prep for everything to proceed as normal with my cycle so the treatment could begin.

It was…..interesting. I had some strange feelings during the treatment. Afterwards and since I have generally been chilled, at times a little impatient. No stress of anxiety though … for me that’s a massive plus!!

Did it actually do anything? Honestly I don’t know. All I can says afterwards I felt good. I felt relaxed. I felt ready to do this.

Did I go back? Yes. I did.

Did it help with the treatment? Time will tell.

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