2018 so far….

On Tuesday 9th January 2018 at 23.55 my amazing and courageous gran Elsie Grace Scott lost a battle she had been fighting for too long. A few years ago in 2014 she was diagnosed with T Cell Lymphoma. She had her first stint of chemo. It seemed to work. All was good life went on. Then in 2016 it came back. She was a wee fighter. She had another stint with chemo, it seemed to be working. She told us all was fine. She was finished treatment and didn’t need anymore.

September 2017 it was back again. There was nothing more they could do. It was a waiting game now.

In the months preceding her death she didn’t complain once. She kept herself so upbeat and positive about everything. She even arranged and paid for her own funeral…she was chuffed to the gutties at getting a £250 discount!!! She kept everyone else going with her upbeat attitude and total PMA! Right up until her last night with us she fought to make sure we were ok and reassure us she was fine.

So…you now have the backstory. This is a diet blog after all so I’ll get back on point.

January 2018

January seems so far away now. I can’t say I done much in the way of dieting this month. I don’t recall any major gains but there weren’t any major losses either. I plateau’d. I was OK with this. It was a month of grieving so to not have the massive gains I did the last time I lost someone was an achievement.

February 2018

Again nothing spectacular happened weight loss wise. I did however move in to my brand spanking new house and it snowed!!!! Moving is stressful. Im an emotional boredom eater! I stuck to plan 60-70% of the time. Cheat days were now common place on a Saturday after weigh in. I was struggling to not pick at biscuits and cakes in the office. My fluid intake was shocking (2litres per day if that!) My planned nights out which up til January didn’t include alcohol or food now included the whole 3 courses and then some.

I wasn’t doing terrible. I just wasn’t doing well.

March 2018

I have mastered the art of maintaining!! Monday to Friday 90ish % on plan. Saturday Sunday off plan.

People say maintaining is the hardest part! That’s amazing mastering maintaining! I hear you say. Well it would have been perfect if I wasn’t still about 21lbs overweight!!!!!!

I couldn’t use grief as an excuse now. I was complacent. I was feeling good. Most of my clothes a UK14 some a UK12!!!! I hadn’t been this size in years!!!!! I obviously thought I deserved my treats! Forget the bigger picture I’ve done well…aye ok then. I got cocky, look how well this attitude done me in the past!!

April 2018

More of the same.

I had a holiday booked flying to Tenerife on 11th May. I worked out if I lost 3lbs a week (totally achievable following Cambridge Weight Plan) I’d be at target for going.

How. Amazing!!!

Did I do it? No.

Why? Does Cambridge Weight Plan not work? It does…but you need to actually stick to it.

I didn’t.

Another month maintaining. I’ve now been the same weight since Christmas. Tried to do the whole silver lining – at least I know how to maintain right?

WRONG! the mastery of maintaining weight should be left until you are ready to maintain. Being happy with maintaining out with target is complacency not maintaining.

May 2018

I went on my 2 week all inclusive holiday to Costa Adeje.

I enjoyed every minute of it.

I was over the whole eating thing by the end of it. By the time we flew home I’d had a solid 3 weeks 100% off plan. While I hadn’t been perfect until this point I’d still been half arse trying. I’d still stuck to plan for the most part.

Yesterday I was weighed and had gained a whopping 19lbs in those 3 weeks. I didn’t think a gain like that was possible but here I’d gone and done it.

Today 27th May 2018

I officially start back 100% on plan. I took 3 weeks to gain that 19lbs so I’m giving myself 3 to get it back off again.

I’m prepared for the headaches, the grumpy moods, the generally feeling crap for the first 3ish days. Been there done that and survived before so I know I can do it again and I know after the first few days it gets easier.

Even if it doesn’t get easier, it works. I know this for a fact. So what I need to focus on isn’t the ease of it. I need to focus on the little fact IT IS WORTH IT!!!

Thank you to everyone who has continued reading in my 5 month absence your likes comments and support are greatly appreciated ❤

I post a LOT on my Instagram feel free to hit follow to keep up with my refocused journey which starts NOW!!

One thought on “2018 so far….

  1. You brought tears to my eyes lovely words about your gran 💜
    You’ll get there this time heads obviously back in the right place.
    You still look amazing 😘💜

    Liked by 1 person

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