It’s inevitable.

It happens to everyone at some point in their lives, be it dieting, studying, working etc. It usually happens to me quite quickly (as I’m sure you will have gathered if you’ve read my previous posts!)

I’ve been following CWP now for 14 weeks today. My complacency only kicked in about a week or so ago. It started off a little, having a few chips off Stevens plate. Moved up to having 5 spring rolls and a handful of chips (with my couscous!!!).

The difference right here is my mindset. Normally I’m all “I got this” – that is to say I get cocky, convince myself I can do these little cheats and still lose the weight I want to. I can get away with it because I have in the past. *newsflash* I have never “got away with it” I just convinced myself otherwise.

Anyways long story short (I know I tend to ramble a bit!!) Ive noticed in the past few weeks these bad habits creeping in. I’ve been eating out a bit more, I’ve been picking at Stevens plate, I’ve not been 100% on it. I need to be 100% on it for it to work. I know this. It’s how I’ve done so well with my losses up until this point. I stuck to it. I didn’t ‘treat’ myself with food. I have started to do that again. I need to stop it.

Everyone has their own end game. Some make it public. Some don’t. For reasons that are mine, my initial goal was BMI below 30. This is by no means my end game. This is not my finishing point. It was a mile stone. Going from classed as “obese” to being classes as “overweight” is a big step. Ultimately what I want is to be HEALTHY.

Anyways to make my short story even longer – I got my BMI under 30. I was so happy. I got complacent. I started acting like I was all of a sudden a skinny girl who could do whatever she liked – reality check needed!!! No. I’m still classed as overweight. I still have over half of my journey to go! I’ve lost an amazing 2st9lb in this 14 weeks but I still have 2st7lb (approx.) to go. This is not the time for complacency. This is the time for focusing harder than I ever have to get further that I ever have with my journey!

When I first started CWP I saw people posting these “100% challenge” pics on Instagram. I remember thinking – why are you expecting praise for following the diet? The whole point is to stick to it 100% … that’s how it works. Now though I totally see the point!!!! It’s motivation. It’s not being posted for the followers praise it’s being posted to keep the poster motivated. Knowing if you don’t stick to it you need to post to say so and all these people will see your failure, but more importantly its for the kind words of support (the proverbial kick up the ads needed) to pick yourself up and get back on it – it is inspiring.


I started my 100% challenge on 20th November….I’m doing alright – not 100% every day though.


Given my recent blip though, had I not been doing this and posting it (almost) daily on my Instagram I think the little angry faces would have been much more prevalent!

Complacency happened to me before. It will no doubt happen again. The difference now is I have learned so much about myself and my bad habits that I pick up on it now. Before I seriously believed myself when I said “I got this” … I couldn’t have been further from the truth in telling myself that!

Now when I tell myself I got this. I mean I really have got it. I am stopping my bad habits. I’m following the diet as it was intended. I’m not spending my time thinking how I can “cheat” and get away with it!!!! If however someone from CWP happened to make a Cambridge friendly empire biscuit – you would save me ever doubting my ability to stick to plan!!!

For anyone reading this who is following CWP the Instagram community is amazing and so supportive. I am so appreciative of everyone who follows me and likes/comments support on my posts. You guys are my rock and keep me going.

You guys got this!

Thank you 😙

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