Non Scale Victories

Always be on the lookout for these little beauties. Non Scale Victories (NSV) are amazingly rewarding when you realise you got one!

When trying to lose weight always try to see positive in what you are doing. If you stick with it 100% (lets be honest even of you’ve stuck 90% to it) in most cases you should be happy with your results. These are “scale victories” – it’s a win on the scales and it’s easy and obvious to see. The number goes down = happy bunny standing on the scales.

What happens when that number doesn’t go down? Or doesn’t go down as much as you’d hoped it would?

This is something I can say I was (still am a little) guilty of. I’m happy losing the average 3-5lbs a week on CWP. I’ve openly said at the start of my journey that if it was only a pound or worse a maintain then I don’t know if I could keep going. I don’t know if it would be worth it. Obviously, as I’m sure you can imagine, my consultant Sallyanne was over the moon to hear me say this. I remember when I said it she asked me “what if it was only a pound this week, what would happen next”….hmmm I thought and said “well I’ve lost 11lbs in 2 weeks. I think I’d be ok as I’d just average it over the month and that’s still a decent loss in a short period of time”

Good answer right? Did I believe it? A little. Honestly though at that point so early in my journey I’d have probably went home and in sympathy for myself eaten a take away and at least one empire biscuit.

Since then I’ve learned a lot about myself, I’ve developed a new relationship with food and no longer view it as a shoulder to cry on when I feel sorry for myself. I don’t have the urge to comfort eat anymore (well not as often anyway!)

The main change is noticing all the little NSV’s. The first one was a few weeks ago. I hit that dreaded point and only lost a pound. I was gutted. Not gonna lie. When you’ve been averaging between 3-5 only losing 1 sucks. When I came home. I dug out a few older pairs of jeans I’d refused to get rid of when I started gaining the weight. They fit. With a bit extra space at the waist (which is typical for me as my hips are so much bigger than my waist!)

They were a size 16. I had not for into a size 16 since my early 20s and here I was not even having to squeeze to get them on! That felt great. It made me realise a pound off is still weight off. Those pounds add up!! I was remotivated and 100% on it….

The next week I got weighed. I had stayed the same. After managing to pick myself up and get re-motivated the last time I wasn’t sure if I could do it again. For the first time properly since starting on Cambridge 9 weeks previous I was disheartened.

Along came NSV number 2 in the shape of Sallyanne and her tape measure. Although my weight had stayed the same my waist was down an inch and my hips down an inch and a half. My weight loss was still 2st3lb but I’d lost another 2.5 inches!! We added up my inch loss from the start and I’d lost 26 inches.

I left a happy bunny. I again kept my motivation and have been sticking to it since then. It was 2 weeks after that between weigh ins. I couldn’t wait. I’d stuck to the plan. I knew the number was going to be lower than it was last time. I felt better. Clothes fit better. I lost 6lbs – chuffed to the gutties!

Finally NSV 3 – being told I was an inspiration, that I had inspired several people to start CWP. This made me feel awesome and all the shit days totally worth it. A family member started the diet, followed by a close friend, a lovely lady I used to work with has been doing it for 2 weeks and another lovely lady is due to start in the new year. Best NSV ever 😊

So, just think, if the scales don’t say what you were expecting – you will be able to turn it round if you just think about it. You might not even have to think that hard! You will have a cheeky wee NSV to celebrate! Feel free to share your NSV!!

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