Who doesn’t love a Treat!?! I’ve done well…where’s my reward!

How many people jumped straight to a nice tasty food reward/Treat? I’ve done well on my diet this week….let’s reward that with a lovely empire biscuit!!! Let’s undo that good (hard) work…but it’s ok it’s a Treat, a reward for being good on other days! I have EARNED it!


How many people thought oh a Treat…I think I’ll get some nice new clothes or some new make-up? Anyone? Nah me neither. I’m still thinking how much more I need to lose before I’ve earned my empire biscuit!!


On a serious note. Food shouldn’t be a reward. If you treat it as such you most definitely aren’t going to eat in moderation! Who works hard all week for a square of chocolate? (Not me!!) A full bar (family size) on the other hand well that’s another story!! Whereas if you have a little chocolate when you fancy it (every now and then) you are more likely to eat less and therefore have a healthier relationship with these unhealthy foods – and you save your treats/rewards for other things!

Christmas is fast approaching. I always get an advent calendar. I always get one with chocolate. Even when I have been dieting on the run up to Christmas I still got one with chocolate. It was my treat for the day having a little chocolate each morning. I earned it as I was good the rest of the day. On days I wasn’t so good “it was only a wee chocolate it won’t have too much of an impact on my weight!”

No matter what I would justify having that bloody chocolate every day …. sometimes I’d even be sneaky and wait a day or two so I could have 2 or 3 wee chocolates. That too was fine as I hadn’t had the day before so 2 today was acceptable.

This year I have an advent calendar as always. This year my amazing significant other bought it for me. This year I won’t be having a daily wee chocolate reward! No chocolate Christmas tree treats for me!! I couldn’t be happier. This year my daily treat is Soap&Glory!!!!

I actually cannot wait! Each day in the lead up to Christmas I’ll be getting a wee treat but this one will last more than a few seconds and won’t increase my waist!! Looking forward to my selection of lip gloss, eye liner, hand cream etc! Soap&Glory hand food is one of my favourite smells in the world and it makes your skin so soft!

Other rewards for achieving milestones I’ve set are new clothes, make up, a massage or beauty treatment (for those local folks I can’t recommend Pampering Made Easy enough  https://www.facebook.com/debz.pamperingmadeeasy ) hair accessories and shoes. I’ve set a plan for my interim goals. Before it was all when I get 1st off I’ll have an empire biscuit (I’m obsessed I know – kinda why I’m on a diet!) 2st off I’ll have a take away etc etc etc. This wasn’t motivation though. I was having a Twighlight Zone on a weekly basis. I was having these things regardless of how well I had done. How was that a Treat or reward?

With non food treats/rewards though there is a motivation! The food I could have at any point and that makes it less special (coupled with it being counter productive to the diet and it’s not a very intriguing treat). If I lose the weight I get to buy some new clothes in a smaller size!!!! I get to treat myself to new make up to doll myself up and feel even more amazing than I already do!! New shoes … well new shoes speak for themselves! It’s always nice to get them! A wee cheeky massage and/or facial always leaves me feeling so good! There is an incentive to work hard for these rewards, well for me there is. They are actual treats.

Now you have the perfect excuse to go window shopping in all your favourite places to make up your diet friendly treat/reward wish list!!

Enjoy x.

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