Who hasn’t been tempted at some point in their dieting life?? It’s one of those things isn’t it – the forbidden fruit. The second you decide you are on a diet that’s it…your brain will start telling you how much you are missing out on not eating that empire biscuit!!

How do you avoid temptation? People do it all the time. Why oh why is it a near impossible feat for me?

I think I have found my saving grace. It’s not a miracle cure for being tempted…but honestly it feels like it as it has helped so much with keeping me motivated this time round.

Tell people.

That’s it. So simple it’s ridiculous.

In the past I have hated to admit I’m trying to lose weight. I hated it because it meant acknowledging I was overweight (obese if you use BMI as your indicator). I wouldn’t tell anyone … until I got to that complacent stage where I’d lost a bit and was about to give it a go flying solo.

By then it was too late.

This time I took to my Instagram (https://instagram.com/DebDoesDieting) straight off the bat to share my journey. After 2 weeks I started sharing on my Facebook too (that ones private and for friends/family only!) I told people at work. To be honest my mindset is so different this time I really have told anyone who will listen.

Anyway back to my point. Telling people has been the key to beating temptation for me (can’t promise it will be the key for everyone – sorry!!). I’ve found that a lot of situations which would have been so very tempting in the past were made easier purely because I wasn’t trying to be sneaky about not indulging.

At handover a few weeks back one of the girls brought in doughnuts. Everyone was eating them. I was sitting, psyching myself up for when the offer of a bite came my way…thinking will I just take a wee half of one?

The offer never came. I am so thankful it didn’t. The girls, aware of how hard I was trying, either consciously or not decided not to tempt me. Had I been my usual secretive dieting self they would have never known and would have offered and to be honest I’d have probably taken.

Then there was leaving lunch about a week later, one of the girls was moving on to pastures new. Cakes. Breads. Butter. Hummus. All delicious looking! I nipped away and made my Cambridge Spag Bol. Sat and ate that instead of the array of goodies available. I even joked when they were apologising to me for eating in front of me – it’s fine it looks disgusting anyway (it didn’t!) They would joke back yeah it takes disgusting too (bless them! They are a supportive bunch). This time I was about 5 weeks in to my Cambridge journey, I can honestly say I wasn’t even a little tempted by any of it. The joking etc helped as it showed me they could see how much I didn’t want It!


There was another leaving lunch just last week…this time was tea and scones. There was also a banana loaf. The order for the scones was taken the day before. Again I was lovingly missed out. I had a mushroom soup this time. I also had a cup of tea. I was sitting and honestly spent about 10 minutes of the hour willing myself not to eat the banana loaf. It smelled amazing. No one offered me any (thank god) but I was really about to have a piece. Then someone commended my willpower and how much I was in the zone. This snapped me back to reality.

I wasn’t hungry.

I didn’t need it.

I didn’t want it.

For me, I feel more motivated following this particular plan, the fact that people around me know keeps that motivation strong! Had I not told anyone I was following this plan I can count at least 3 occasions I would have fallen off the wagon. I’m lucky though that the people around me are super supportive.

Temptation a lot of the time comes from other people offering you things. If they know…they will hopefully do as my colleagues have and lovingly avoid you with sweets/biscuits/whatever your vice is!! If they don’t know you are dieting, they don’t know they are tempting you with something you feel you shouldn’t have and will offer you whatever there is as

Sharing my journey via instagram and this blog, seeing that other people relate to your journey helps too. Makes you feel like you are not alone on the journey. Makes you think about the tempting things and push them aside as they aren’t worth it.

Eventually it becomes not so much avoiding temptation but more not really feeling tempted by food…

Just on Saturday, I laid out this cake buffet for a bunch of 4 year olds. I cut the Swiss roll (improvised as we didn’t have a knife) and can honestly say hand on heart I didn’t want any of it. Three months ago I’d have had one of everything then went back for another. Especially since there were empire biscuits there!! (They are probably number 1 on the Debbie Loves To Eat list 🙈)

You aren’t alone in your journey. There’s always someone else cheering you on even if you don’t realise it 💜

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