CWP weeks 5-8

That’s us catching up to the here and now!! I have been following CWP for 8 weeks and I’m still going strong!!

Week 5


This week went well. Didn’t really have much going on, super motivated that’s where I was mentally. I knew I could do this and I wanted to as well. I had lost so many inches and was over a stone and a half down from my starting weight. I was over the moon. I had also branched out for my 200cal meal and stared having grilled fish! You won’t believe how much grilled fish you get for 200 cal! My norm was this with either mushroom or broccoli and I was loving it.


Week 6

From the outset I knew this week was going to be a toughy. It was my birthday week. On my birthday my lovely other half had booked for us to go to the Dome in Edinburgh for afternoon tea. Then we were going to do some shopping and in the evening had a table booked at Number One @ The Balmoral. I was looking forward to it. I hadn’t eaten ‘real’ food in forever. My plan was to stick 100% to the plan other than Thursday when I was out for the day. We were out and driving through a small town. We stopped off for breakfast. He got a roll with bacon and potato scone and tea. I asked for 2 poached eggs and tea. The waitresses response “would you like toast, bacon a roll?” No thanks 🙂 a few minutes later we heard the chef from the kitchen “just 2 poached eggs on a plate!?!?!?” I laughed. A few months before I’d have said yes to the toast or roll before she had even finished asking the question!

I had an amazing day out for my birthday. I enjoyed my meals. It was lovely.

Getting back on plan after this was hard. On the Friday night I had some of his Chinese. Then weigh day on Saturday and I’d put on a pound. Ok…this was the only hiccup and it wasn’t that bad. Back to it now!!


Week 7

Week 7 got off to a bad start. I had a fish supper on Saturday night, on Sunday my family came home from their holiday so I had a 2nd birthday since I hadn’t seen them. We went out for dinner I had veggie gyoza (another Debbie Loves Eating list member) and some scampi. When we got home I also had a bit of birthday cake.

Monday morning. I had the fear. Could I break the habit of a lifetime and actually turn this around and get back on track? Or was CWP going to be my fastest fail yet? I stuck rigidly to cwp for the rest of the week and thankfully it paid off.


My motivation was 110% I was back on track and I was doing it. I’d had a little Twighlight Zone weekend but it was over…

Week 8

That brings us to this week which has just finished. I was working a 7 day stretch. I had all the products I needed and I was super focused. I have been on plan for a solid 8 days (die to work I went Saturday-Monday) I had avoided temptation and again on weigh day this paid off.


My 2nd rosette. 2st1lb off in total! I’m now starting to feel a difference in my clothes. People are really noticing. It’s a fabulous feeling.

Since we have caught up with my journey…I have no more looking back to do!! Its all about looking forward. I had previously said telling people was the best move I made. The main reason for this wasn’t to get compliments or try and make them notice. No. It’s all to do with temptation, trying to reduce temptation!  I think that is what I’ll write about next 🙂  …how to avoid temptation!

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