CWP Weeks 1-4

I started my journey on a Tuesday morning. Because of work my normal weigh ins were going to be a Saturday morning, for this first week though I was getting weighed on Friday evening. For my first week I only really had 4 days. I was the most motivated and focused I’ve ever been. I was going to make sure and smash this! I was going to do it this time I was sure.

I was starting cwp on step 2. I have a b12 deficiency so couldn’t start at the lowest level (1a) which is 3 cwp products per day. My choices were 1b (4 products per day) or 2 (3 products and a 200cal meal). I opted for step 2. In the book there was a list of foods I could choose from to make my meals.

I decided I was going to share my progress on my Instagram ( and my Twitter ( This would keep me going too as I’m sharing with people some of whom I know and others who are on a similar journey. (So far Instagram is for my dieting and Twitter is for my video game/eSports addiction 😂)

Week 1

Day 1 – I had my 3 products and my 200 calorie meal was 2 boiled eggs and 80g mushrooms. As well as pretty much all carbs, mushrooms are another favoirite of mine!! I felt fine. I drank 3l of water. I spent a large proportion of my day peeing. This, I was assured, was all normal.

Day 2 – oh. Dear. Lord. THE HEADACHE!! I didn’t feel hungry. I didn’t feel thirsty. I had the migraine to end all migraines. I couldn’t sit up. I could barely open my eyes. I had to force myself to eat my 3 products and my trusty egg and mushroom. But I did it. A lot of sleep and pain killers but I got through day 2. I didn’t even want food at this point.

Day 3 – still headachy. Still drinking plenty. Still kinda forcing myself to have the food as I felt rubbish. When your diet consists of only 800cal per day though you can’t really afford to miss any of them!! But again I done it.

Day 4 – headache gone. I’m feeling more myself today. Jeez I could eat my arm!!! I’d eat yours too if it was on offer. I had my 3 products. My eggs and mushrooms. I wanted my usual Friday night take away. I wanted an empire biscuit (again this goes on the Debbie Loves To Eat list) I wanted anything else to eat. Today was my first weigh in. I was not going to fuck this up before I’d even had my first weigh in!! My motivation kept me going. I went. I got weighed and it was a loss. A big loss. I was so happy. So so happy!! It was hard going. I was assured the worst was over. I did it.


Week 2

I found week 2 easier. I had an 8 day stretch this time. I was going from Friday to Saturday this time. If I lost 5lb in 4 days surely I could do the same again in 8 days!! Motivation continued. The number going down on the scales coupled with Sallyannes positivity really kept me going. I didn’t really feel overly hungry either. I was learning the difference between satisfied and overfull. I have never really ever stopped eating when I was satisfied. I always ended up overfull. I didn’t have a Twighlight Zone after my first weigh in. I went on Saturday morning and got weighed again. Again seeing that number drop was such a good feeling and kept me going. I really can do this!!


Week 3

So I’m in my 3rd week. I still haven’t had a Twighlight Zone after my weigh ins. I’m super focused. I have a wedding this week. My cousin is getting married. We are guests all day. The meals have been organised. I stick to the plan 100% all week. On the Saturday I have a porridge for breakfast. Try to fill me up a bit. When we get there I drink plenty of water to keep me going. The meal comes. I am slightly apprehensive. Starter. Melon. Yaaas some melon. I can handle this. Phew. Main…worry washes over me about this – what if it’s something covered in a creamy sauce?? It wasn’t. Beef tomato filled with mixed beans and a little smoked cheese. On the side was a fondant potato and some roasted veg. The waiter spotted my sister giving away her potato and offered to bring more veg instead. Legend!!! I too gave away my potato. A big leap forward. That would usually have been the first thing I ate! I couldn’t eat all of my main. Didn’t have a big enough appetite for it. Dessert…normally my favourite part of a meal. Meringue with cream and berries. Looks delicious. I had 1/8th of it just to taste and also as a test to myself to see if I would be able to stop!! I did. I was super proud. Water it was for the rest of the night. Cue the buffet. Thankfully meat heavy so I wouldn’t be tempted anyway but in my bag was a trust cwp bar. My sister also had one. We had that rather than all the rolls and sausage and bacon etc. I don’t even know if there was a veggie friendly option as I just didn’t go near it.

screenshot_20171031-115418.pngI had stuck to it and as a result gained my 1st rosette!!! I was so happy. Seeing the results just kept me motivated.

Week 4

Uneventful – although this week I decided to share with people exactly what was going on. I made my colleagues at work aware and my friends. This was the best decision I could have made. Hiding it meant making excuses not to join the others for lunch. Trying not to show what I was making. Whereas once they knew they had questions and that gave me a boost being able to tell them about how I was losing all this weight (and also that I was on it enough to actually know the answers!!!) It was around week 4 that people started to comment on being able to see a difference. I don’t take compliments well so would just smile and say well I’ve still a long way to go!

Inside though these compliments added fuel to the fire. They kept me motivated on the days where I was craving that wee bit cake or that empire biscuit!! I kept going and stuck to plan 100%. The results were speaking for themself!!


4 week and I’d lost 19lb (1st5lb) I was a quarter of the way to my goal!! I was still motivated. I’d had 1 day that wasn’t totally on plan but that was a special occasion and I still made the best possible me choices.

I’d broken the habit … The diet Twighlight Zone was no more!!

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