Cambridge Weight Plan

So you’ve nearly been brought up to date with my decade of dieting. Weight Watchers, Scottish Slimmers, Slimming World, My Fitness Pal…all diets worked while I was making some sort of effort. Ultimately I failed at all of them because of one thing … me.

While following each I viewed it as a chore, a task to be completed. I didn’t learn any lessons about my bad habits, other than they were the only consistent thing about my dieting career thus far!! Between stopping Slimming World (in my last post) and where I am now I had a stint following Herbalife and another attempt at Scottish Slimmers. All of the mistakes and bad habits I’ve written about over the past 10 days are mistakes I made again during these attempts.

So we are now going to start travelling through what I am pretty confident is going to be my final diet attempt…number 5 – Cambridge Weight Plan.

This isn’t going to be a 1 off post. This is the plan I am currently following so will make up pretty much all I talk about now 🙂

My sister (who has been on most, if not all, of these journeys with me) had been going on about wanting to try the Cambridge Weight Plan (cwp) “its amazing” “xxx has lost so much doing it” etc. My response was an unsympathetic – it won’t work… “look how well Herbalife, slim fast etc all worked out!! It’s a faddy diet and you might lose a bit quick but it won’t last”

I was very sceptical. I hadn’t heard of it but from what she was saying it sounded like one of these fad things to me. Surely just cut back on what you’re eating? Why waste money on shakes? (Because, as you know, I’m clearly an expert in dieting by now)

So my sister goes along, gets weighed, buys her supplies, gets all her information on what to do and comes home raving about it. Sallyanne (cwp consultant) is amazing, she is so lovely and helpful, she was very supportive from the get go! She seemed focused like I’d never seen before on any of our multiple journeys. She had a wee book with all the steps from the plan.


I had a read.

I’m a very logical person. I like clear cut, black and white, steps of what you can/can’t do. The plan for cwp is laid out just like that. Steps 1-5 on each step you have X products and X calories from a set food list. Simple. No room for deviation (Unless you’re not following it at all)…I need something like this. On other plans I’d deviate one day because I could ‘claw it back’ the rest of the week.


That night I sent an email requesting more information. I got a lengthy detailed response. I made an appointment to go get more information.

August 28th 2017 – I went along to see Sallyanne, I felt very welcome and supported from the get go. That’s the day I decided to start this journey.

My ritual began. I weighed 14st13 that day (so thankfully had not let myself get back to my SW starting Weight!).


Still I made my promise this is the heaviest I will be on this journey. I can do this. I am motivated. It felt different this time. I truly meant it. This time I was going to do it. I went home after being weighed. I didn’t enter the dieters Twighlight Zone. There was no takeaway and sweets. I had a home cooked meal and sat reading my book so I was fully prepped for what I was to do the next day to start my cwp journey.

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