Diet Attempt Number 3 – Flying Solo/MyFitnessPal

So by 2014 I had horribly failed to lose weight on 2 separate diet plans.

I decided that this going to classes and following a plan clearly isn’t meant for me. I mean I’ve tried a few and they just didn’t work (i know this is not fact…but it is what I convinced myself!)

So I had my best friend and sister’s wedding coming up in a few months (they got married 6 weeks apart). I wasn’t going to be a fat bridesmaid. By this time I was a whopping 15st3lb. I was going to download the My Fitness Pal app and I was just going to calorie count my way skinny for the weddings.

Genius idea (I convince myself I’m having these regularly. Unfortunately it’s seldom true!). Gonna do it without any help, support or plan. Just me, an app and calorie counting.

What could possibly go wrong. Its free. Its simple. Why doesn’t everyone do this?

So here are some of the reasons I’ve discovered why everyone doesn’t just do this and why weight loss companies earn big bucks every year

1. Someone else reading the number on the scales gives you motivation to stick to the plan.  If you are anything like me then seeing a gain on the scales weighing yourself makes you think…ok I’ll lose it next week. Then you continue down the rabbit hole to weight gain. However if someone else is reading that number – well that’s a whole new ball game. You don’t want others seeing your “failings”

2. Support. You don’t get the same support flying solo (unless you use social media to follow/gain support). You have no one to ask those little questions. No one to pick up little tips from. (In a future diet I learn the value of these little hints and tips!)

3. If you’re doing something wrong or an aspect of the plan changes – how will you know? Who will correct you?

4. You risk (even more so as it won’t cost you any cash) falling into the “I’ve had a bad week so I won’t weigh myself this week” habit and before you know it you just don’t weigh yourself at all anymore.

(NOTE: I am not saying people CAN’T go it alone with dieting. Just that i couldn’t. However, as most diet groups advertise you are statistically more likely to succeed if you join)

So as I was saying, My Fitness Pal app installed. New reformed and motivated Debbie. This is gonna be the time I do it.

I am never again going to step on the scales and have it read as heavy as that ever again. I’m committed to losing the weight this time. I CAN DO THIS!

Where have you seen that before? It’s not like I’ve been saying it religiously at the start of EVERY diet!

So that night (you can probably guess what happened next) the dieters Twighlight Zone got me! Then maybe 4 or 5 days a week I documented accurately every morsel of food I ingested. Every calorie was counted on my app. Then 1 or 2 days I wasn’t so strict and would miss out the butter on my toast (it was only a scrape) or the milk in my tea (it was only a splash). There’s still a day unaccounted for I hear you say! Well…that was the Twighlight Zone day. That’s right it’s no longer just a meal or an evening it’s has engulfed a whole day!

Needless to say I didn’t do very well with this diet attempt. I don’t think I actually lost anything. So I was a chubby bridesmaid for both friend and sister. I had an absolute ball at both weddings but I look back at pictures and hate how I look from the neck down.


So I am going to share with you something about one of the dresses (I’ve laid all bare thus far why hold back now) I got one of the bride’s to buy my dress a size smaller as I was definitely going to lose the weight…cue Debbie 3 weeks before the wedding having to buy the bigger bloody dress! The other dress was a 2 man job at least to zip.

This plan wasn’t very good for my personal weight loss (as you may have guessed).

I gave up at that point. Decided I was meant to be fat so why was I fighting it. Over the next few months from then til Feb 2015 I got bigger..and bigger.

Attempt Number 4 – Slimming World up next …

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