Diet Attempt Number 2 – Scottish Slimmers

Fast Forward to 2012. I’m almost finished my training for nursing. I work as a home carer. My student uniforms I got at the start of my training are snug and uncomfortable. I fear if I bend over the wrong way I will burst out of them. Rather than face the embarrassment of going to the uni and fighting for new uniforms I bought new trousers (2 sizes bigger) online. The tops still fit me, just, but were uncomfortably tight.

I decided to try diet number 2 which this time was Scottish Slimmers.

I went along to the class. Got weighed. I knew I’d gotten heavier but jeez I was 14st10. So began the routine of my dieting life. “That is the heaviest a set of scales will ever read when I step on them” “I’ll never be this heavy again” etc. etc. etc.

I was now almost a whole stone heavier than the last time I made that vow. “I know I said it last time but I mean it this time” (I’m pretty sure I meant it the last time too but hey)

Went home. Takeaway. Chocolate. Check me out super motivated and making big promises yet here I am back in the weigh day Twighlight Zone. 6 days on plan then a night of whatever I fancied which was usually very unhealthy.

Again I continued to lose some weight. Again it was in a 2 steps forward 3 steps back kinda fashion. Again I was happy losing 1-2lbs a week. Again there were too many wee gains here and there and too many “only a half off” weeks.

I didn’t do very well on Scottish Slimmers. My journey with them was rather short lived. I lost motivation a lot quicker. Again I decided I was wasting money paying when I could just follow the plan at home and weigh myself in my own bathroom for free.

You’d think I would have learned my lesson last time huh?

Apparently not.

Genius idea!! That’s what I thought. I’ll weigh in at home. It’s free. It’s simple. Why doesn’t everyone just do that!

It’s at this stage when your thinking reaches that irrational point (that you know better than ‘experts’) your weight starts creeping back up. The clothes start getting tight. You start to eat because you feel bad about your weight.

Vicious cycle commences.

Then you have gained all you lost and maybe even then some!!

Twice I had let this happen to me now. Twice I vowed that number on the scales was the heaviest I’d ever be. Twice I started a new weight loss plan. Twice I failed.

Scottish Slimmers does work for a lot of people if you stick to it! My mum a few years previous had lost an amazing amout of weight following this very plan. I didn’t. Therefore my thought was this just didn’t work for me. Needless to say though it wasn’t my fault. It just didn’t work for me. I had no idea why! (I honestly convinced myself of this!)

Fast Forward a few years again and we have diet attempt number 3 – flying solo.

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