Diet Attempt Number 1 – Weight Watchers

So I realised I’d gained a fair bit of weight. I vowed never again would I step on scales and have them read higher than 13st13.

That’s what I weighed. At 24. Now back at uni for a second time, training to be a nurse. I thought – I have to lead by example. I can’t stand here, this size (classed by my BMI as obese) and tell people they need to do better at looking after themselves or they need to lose weight. How hypocritical! Right?

So I joined Weight Watchers. I went along. Got on those scales. Paid my joining fee and said “I’m motivated. I’m going to stick to this 100% because I don’t want to ever be this weight (or worse heavier) again” the conaultant praised my commitment, ran through the dos and don’ts of the plan, then sent me on my merry way to start my weight loss journey.

I went straight to the chippy. I can’t recall what I got but it involved a lot of hot oil and potatoes for sure. Everyone knows you have a treat on weigh day! Right? Takeaway and some chocolate please! Once a week every week. That time from weigh in til the next day is a sort of Twighlight Zone of dieting. What you eat doesnt count.

At least that was my mentality at that time. This was a tradition you will see crop up again and again as it followed me from diet to diet!

So I stuck to the diet. 100% for 6 days a week. I’d get weighed. Enter my Twighlight Zone. Repeat. It worked to a point. I was losing 1-2lbs a week. I was happy with that.

After nearly 2 stone gone, I got complacent. I decided “I can do this without going to class” I don’t need to spend £5 a week to get weighed. I’ll just weigh myself in the house every week and follow the plan as I have been.

I wasn’t happy. I was hungry a lot. I felt very restricted.

To let you understand, at that point in my life I was what you would call “a fussy eater” and that’s being generous. When it came to veg all I would really eat was carrots and cucumber. Occasionally sweetcorn. I said I hated all other vegetables. Fruit for me was apples, bananas, grapes and maybe some strawberries. Meat – yuck. I don’t like red meat. I don’t like fish. I don’t like anything gamey. I will have 5 cubes of chicken with my curry. Carbs…Carbs are where my diet was at. Pasta…yes please. Potatoes…yup I love them. Bread…of course I’ll have some.

So if you know the older weight watchers plan you’ll see straight off the bat why I didn’t like it. Why I felt hungry, restricted, unhappy. I wasn’t getting to eat a decent sized portion of any food I liked. They were trying to make me eat peas for goodness sake!! Who could live like That! (I’m definitely not the dramatic sort!)

So following a plan i wasnt enjoying. Not having support of someone who knows how to help in these situations. My Twighlight Zone started to last longer and longer. Sometimes I’d even have 2 in a week (each lasting 2 days). My Diet Journey with weight watchers started to crumble and fall apart around me.

I stopped weighing myself.

I stopped referring to the books.

I stopped trying.

Slowly but surely old habits started up again and I was well on my way to that place I vowed months before never to go to again.

My weight started to creep back up again. My mood started to drop and before I knew it I was right back to the start again.

Weight Watchers did not work for me. This isn’t me saying it doesn’t work full stop, it clearly does. It’s a huge franchise with their ready meals, new style plan, it works. They couldn’t advertise the way they do if it didnt. My motivation was lacking. I wasn’t willing to try new things. I did not give it 110%.

I didn’t see it at the time but this was my first diet failure.

Fast Forward nearly 2 years and we have – diet attempt number 2 – Scottish Slimmers.

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